Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkeys, Chickens and Eggs, OH MY!

Lately, I've been considering getting chickens, perhaps a turkey or two. The main reason is for the eggs, because I can incorporate eggs into a lot of foods and also into our pets food. The economy isn't getting any better and food isn't getting any cheaper, so I'm looking into ways to become more self sufficient. The birds are only a small part of the overall somewhat still blurry image I have of what I want.

A garden, of course, will be a must. I'm even considering doing a "how to" with videos. I only have 1.8 acres of land, but who says I can't use most of that to sustain life as much as possible? Anyway, back to the chickens. The chickens I'm considering are 12 dollars each, and that is okay with me as they are hearty egg layers. Chicken feed appears to be relatively cheap, and I may even be able to make a small profit selling eggs (I'm talking 50 cents a dozen...I'd give them for free if I didn't have to refrigerate and box them.

Anyway, would you have chickens? I'd love to hear others thoughts on the idea. I'd also love to hear what sort of gardens people are growing! I'm thinking of just starting off small.

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